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About us

Genesis Images© was set up by two teachers and started trading in September 2005 with fifteen Music and Music Technology wallcharts. Since then, the company has grown considerably but maintains a personal approach to all customer enquiries and sales. Genesis Images has four current working teachers on its staff, which therefore means that we understand the needs of teachers and pupils of today and assist to their needs.

As many companies offered fantastic teaching aids and software to educate pupils in a more stimulating way, the humble poster was 'left on the shelf'. Having seen the curriculum change considerably in both content and delivery, the team were disillusioned with posters that were on offer for the secondary market - apart from Science and perhaps the Humanities, other subject posters did not really inspire teenagers of today.

"We had posters up on our walls and I could not seem to remember ever seeing a pupil stopping to look at them"

They do now! We are very aware that all teachers are expected to fill their walls with a combination of pupils' work and educational reference posters. Visually stunning and informative wallcharts are therefore needed for a variety of subjects that link modern industry and/or products to today's curriculum.

Our popular wallcharts have been well received and we have now become one of the major educational wallchart companies for secondary schools in the UK. We now cater for over ten subject areas and we hope to continue growing well into the future.

What sets us apart from the rest?
Purpose: Not just a wall filler!

Wallcharts should not solely be something colourful to fill an empty wall. We believe that they should be an extension of the curriculum, used to reinforce the key concepts taught in the classroom. This is why every Genesis wallchart is packed with information.

TV coverage

Our wallcharts are now being used regularly on children's TV shows and drams, both in the UK and in Australia. They are seen as an attractive alternative to the posters out there at the moment. Most recent have been Coming of Age and the 4 'o' Clock Club (BBC), and more recently, Big School. In the Autumn, other shows include Autumn Leaves and Brown Blazers (BBC - AU).

Content: Wallcharts relevant to today's education and today's industry!

Subject content has changed over the last few years, and Genesis prides itself by offering wallcharts relevant to today's curriculum. Information in which pupils learn in the classroom is carefully planned and reproduced in these visually stunning and informative wallcharts.

The company is eager to bring the knowledge used in everyday life into the classroom. Genesis Images© has already established strong links with leading companies, who have approved the educational content, while offering a modern version of the National Curriculum.

Quality: Paper quality and packaging!

The wallcharts are printed on high quality 200 gsm gloss paper and delivered in heavy duty postal tubes to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.