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All posters here are end of line stock and are brand new unless otherwise stated.


Mixers : (encapsulated) £2.50 – Covers various controls of hardware and software mixers, including controllers and digital mixers. PHONE FOR AVAILABILITY
Live Sound : (gloss paper)  £1.50 – Highlights the equipment needed for a simple P.A. setup, and explains the various terms associated with live sound. PHONE FOR AVAILABILITY
Common Terms : (encapsulated) £2.50 – description: Memory and storage: Bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB and PB. Also ROM and RAM are described as well as the following connections: Firewire, USB, most Audio connections, Ethernet, Modem, monitor ports (VGA and DVI) and Bluetooth. PHONE FOR AVAILABILITY
Storage v1 : (gloss paper) £0.39 – This poster focuses on the various storage media available – External: removable devices (EEPROM), external optical devices (CD-ROM, DVD, CD-R / CD-RW), external magnetic disks, external hard drives and internal hard drives/hard disks. The poster gives bitesize helpful information in easy-to-understand language and images supplied by Sony. PHONE FOR AVAILABILITY
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