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CD Terms & Conditions


TERMS and CONDITIONS A4 fact sheets and printing guide


The following terms and conditions relate to the use of the supplied CD-ROM.

a. the free CD-ROM is supplied with every wallchart order over a certain value (please see website for updated prices and minimum order values)

b. Genesis Images has the right to update the content at any time without prior notice c. only ONE CD-ROM is supplied with every order (see a) d. no licence is required to use the contents of this CD-ROM providing you follow the

following instructions:

You may:

1. print unlimited copies of each image supplied up to the size of A4 2. print and share the content within the educational establishment that originally

received the CD-ROM and its content directly from GENESIS IMAGES 3. use the content in any educational context within the establishment (as above) 4. use the images found on the CD-ROM in both print and digital presentations

(educational only), e.g. powerpoint presentations, provided they are within the educational establishment only (see no.2)

You may NOT:

1. make prints/copies larger than A4 in size; to do so would be a breach of copyright 2. share the contents of the CD-ROM (neither the CD-ROM or printouts of the

content found on the CD-ROM) with any other educational establishment or non-

educational establishment 3. resell the CD-ROM or its contents to any other party (educational and


Genesis Images reserves the right to change the content of its posters without prior notice. Genesis Images will still supply CD-ROM content that contains previous versions of the posters until stocks of these CD-ROMs have reached zero numbers. Genesis Images will then update the CD-ROMs to include the poster updates. However Genesis Images is under no obligation to re-supply these updated CD- ROMs to existing orders.


We recommend that you print these A4 factsheets at the printers maximum resolution due to the intense colour complexity found on these posters. Failure to do this may result in text being unclear or unreadable.